Have you wanted to find a way to play at the club and help save some money. We have a way for you to play, earn free 10 passes and help the club all at the same time. It is called 10 for 10.
We are kicking off a volunteer program for players. This program will give people the opportunity to not only help our club, but to earn free playing time at the club. Here is how it works. You can sign up with the Milwaukee Table Tennis Club Volunteer Sheet.

There are 3 ways to volunteer:

– Work at the club to run check-in duties for 3 hours.
– Help run club tournaments or leagues for a 3-hour slot.
– Assist in other administrative duties designated by the club board.

If you complete 10 of these duties we give you a 10 pass. A board member or officer will need to sign off on the activity. If you are doing check-in duties, you can play for free on those days too! Your primary duties must be the desk first but if it is free, you can play. So basically you get 20 free days to play. We will provide the necessary training and we require that you let us know ahead of time when you will be volunteering. We are looking for about 3-4 individuals to help out. You must be 18 years or older. If you are interested in participating in this program, please email me at jimzonoozi@gmail.com. You can also print out the form and bring it to the club also and we can talk to you about the program.

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