Thanks to all staff, volunteers, fans, and participants for making our February USATT tournament a success.

Congratulations to the award winners below, and watch for more USATT tournaments from MTTC coming soon!

Group A

1st – Ladislav Sranko, 2nd – Keigo Yamagami, 3rd – Nicholas Shillin

Group B

1st – Lake Smith, 2nd – Duane Searles, 3rd – Jim Gableman

Group C

1st – Jered Shilling, 2nd – George Voglis, 3rd – David Jia

Group D

1st – Hanchen Jiang, 2nd – Collin Gehle, 3rd – Xinchen Pan

Group F

1st – Suresh Kumar Amirthalingam, 2nd – Timothy Raymond, 3rd – Karthik An

Group E

1st – Alex Yan, 2nd – Chandra Kothamasu, 3rd – Louis Liu

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