Miwaukee Table Tennis Club are prepared for the future but, what is the future? Kids are the future and we are working hard to increase day by day the number of players in Milwaukee. Specially for kids we have an Special Group Training but if you want a hard training we Read more…

Silver Medal to Darek Milewski at Nationals

Darek Milewski from Chicago TT, takes a important Silver Medal wheelchair at Nationals in Las Vegas. Mrs. Linda Leaf, President of Miwaukee TTC had a mission to coordinate all umpires and did a great job there. We are proud of our President. Now, Linda will be in a deserved vacations.

New Milwaukee TTC Sponsor

MTTC is continuing to connect you to as many table Tennis Resources as possible.  We added another great resource to search and purchase TT equipment.  The vendor Cornilleau is now a sponsor of our Resource Page. Check out our resource page.